We produce


sourced from cutting edge digital artists


We generate digital brand content from a wellspring of exclusive and influential digital artists. For each brand we source the right artist for their content needs.


Today more than ever, brands need to stand out on Internet & Social Media platforms. To do this, they need ever more creative content. The Source collaborates with the most talented and most influential of digital artists on Vine, Instagram, Youtube and Snapchat, granting brands access to high quality and unique content that’s in line with their brand image and appropriately priced.


Earn money by doing what you love by collaborating with the brands you love. We’ll manage your credits rights. You focus on your art.

Create quality content
for brands

We respect your unique touch and your creative autonomy – we don’t ask you to change a thing. We source those brands that appreciate your digital output but you alone decide whether or not to accept a project .

Your style is worth

We’ll outline a budget together for each campaign you accept. You’ll earn money by conceiving and producing content, but also for diffusing it within your community.


Find the perfect creative artist
for your campaign

Tell us about you

The more we know about your brand, its history, and its lifeblood, the better able we are to select the right content generators.

Let us define your strategy together

What is your strategy? To create a large amount of content on a chosen theme for the best price? To create premium content with top artists in order to boost engagement within your networks? To create exclusive content for a single product?

Choice of digital artists

According to your brand conception and strategy, the most appropriate digital artists will be proposed for your campaign. Whether photo, video or graphic, the resulting creative content is guaranteed to be of the highest quality. Having a hard time uncovering that one special artist? A portfolio with fees relevant to each artist will help you find what you are looking for.

Tracking and Reporting

We provide comprehensive reporting with top KPIs for each campaign, including the tracking of profile statistics.

You are a digital artist

want to collaborate with brands you like,
earn money by doing what you love,
without compromising your rights?

You are a brand

looking to upgrade your content with beautiful
and creative content produced by digital artists
on social platforms, at reasonable costs?